1. The new resident must be poor or destitute or dying or abandoned and must have no friends or family or relatives to look after the person.
  2. The admission is subject to availability of beds in the Home.
  3. An Admission form must be filled out for every new resident. The form is available at the Home or can be obtained by calling Mrs. Anita Rodricks at 094489-41633.
  4. The admission of the new resident must be approved by all society members.
  5. The new resident must be recommended by at least two other people.
  6. The rules and regulations of Karunalaya must be explained to the new resident before admission.
  7. The new resident must acknowledge either by a signed or thumb-printed declaration, as applicable.
  8. For new residents picked up from the roadside, a Police Report should be obtained from the local police station providing as much details as possible.
  9. Furthermore, the new resident must be taken to the local Government Hospital for a complete checkup & blood test.
  10. The doctor at the Government Hospital must certify that the resident is free from any contagious disease and is safe to be admitted into the Home.