Asses Silva
She is a Spinster and is mentally disturbed.
Thomson D�silva
He is Handicapped and also suffers from mental illness.
Mary Raina Silveira
She suffers from bipolar disorders and was in the mental hospital.
Coceicao Dias
She was mentally retarded from birth and is an orphan and had no one to look after her.
Prashant Halgekar
He is suffering from Post Traumatic Brain Syndrome.
Sulaksha suffers from undifferentiated Schorsophnea and is an orphan.
Remezia Fernandes
Remezia Fernandes is and orphan and was in the “Mental Hospital” for a very long time, when she was better the doctor there requested us to keep her in Karunalaya.
Mercia Fernandes
Mercia Fernandes is an orphan suffering from Bi-Polar disorder.
Cynthia Moraes – Belgaum
Cynthia Moraes
Cynthia Moraes suffered from Schizophrenia and is an orphan and had no one to look after her.
Anil Bharadwaj
Anil Bharadwaj was brought to us from Gwalior as he had a paralytic stroke, and had no one to look after him.
Thomas Raymond Dsouza
Thomas used to work as a labourer for a vegetable vendor but when he fell sick he had no work and no where to go.
Sylvester D�costa
Sylvester D’costa was living in an old age home, but when he could not pay for his stay, he came to live in Karunalaya.
MAMTA ARYA – Belgaum
Mamta Arya
Shi is an orphan and was looked after by her grand father. When he passed away she sufferd a mental breakdown and had no one to look after her.
Hari Baburao Shinde
He worked as a tailor but went into depression, and since he was a bachelor he had no one to look after him.
Prem Bahadur Chetri
Prem is Old and needs help to do things. He is 60 years old and is in the Pirna Goa Home.
Diego D'souza
Diego is 62 years old and has no one to look after. He is now in Karunalaya’s Pirna Goa House.
Noel D'souza
He is Weak and in the Prina house of Karunalaya.
Francis Fernandes
He is old and cannot do things on his own and needs help.
Maruti Uchukar
Maruti, one of the first residents of Karunalaya, used to sell vegetables in the vegetable market in Camp, Belgaum. He suddenly suffered a paralytic attack after which he could not walk again. He moved around the market place looking for food by dragging himself on the ground due to his paralysis. Some people came forward and informed Mrs. Anita about his pitiable condition. Since Karunalaya was not established at that time, Mrs. Anita admitted him into Mother Teresa’s home in Hubli. He was well looked after there by Mother Teresa’s Sisters and recovered well, but still needs the help of a walker. As soon as Karunalaya was ready, Maruti was the first resident to be admitted into the Home.
Arjun Ramling
The society members were informed by Dr. Yadur about the sad plight of a man lying outside his clinic. When some of the society members went there, they saw an old man lying on the foot path outside the clinic. He was feeble, weak, crippled and had many sores on his leg. He looked starved and he was in a pitiful condition. After inquiring with some people from the area, they learned that he was a destitute and had no place to go. Arjun was then admitted into Karunalaya. Arjun, also one of the first residents of Karunalaya, is a cripple and suffers from acute stomach ulcers. After much treatment for the sores on his legs and regular massage therapy, Arjun can now walk and it is a pleasure to watch him helping other disabled residents in the Home.
Hanumant Betgeri
Hanumant is from the nearby village of Modage. Fr. Cyril informed Mrs. Anita of a man lying at a bus-stop for many days near Nirmal Nagar and requested her to help the man. When Mrs. Anita went and saw Hanumant, she was shocked to see him in such a deplorable state, lying at the bus stop in filth and dirt. She immediately admitted Hanumant into Karunalaya and he was cleaned, bathed and shaved. After some medical treatment for his ailments, Hanumant is now able to walk with a stick and manages his daily chores on his own.
Philip Pereira
Philip is from Goa. After he had an attack of meningitis, Philip lost his speech and control of his muscles. As a result, he cannot do anything on his own and needs constant help and assistance. He was being looked after by his ailing mother, but after she passed away, there was no one to look after him. His case was brought forward by one of our volunteers and Philip was admitted into Karunalaya.
Edward D'souza
Edward is an orphan from Goa. He is mentally challenged and not of sound mind. However he helps around the Home with whatever he can and helps other residents as much as he can.
JOHN – Goa
John is originally from Mumbai and is deaf and dumb. He is not literate and cannot write as well. Hence, the society members were unable to find out his real name. They named him John. He was brought to Goa to work for a family. One day a Convent Nun visiting the home noticed John and the severe sores he had on his body. The family he was staying with was unable to look after him and so was left unattended. The Nun felt sorry for him and brought him to Karunalaya. She requested the society members to take him into the Home. His condition was so bad that there were maggots in his sores. The Nun thought our staff how to clean and treat such wounds and to remove the maggots. The staff faithfully dressed the wound just as the Nun had showed them. Being a diabetic, the wounds took a long time to heal. He still has a small wound, but by the grace of God, we hope he will fully recover one day. John is an active resident and helps around the Home.
Malcolm D'souza
Malcolm is an orphan and was being looked after by a family in Goa. Even though he is not of sound mind, he used to manage doing odd jobs around. Malcolm is unable to work any longer and support himself. The family who used to look after him also could not do so due to their old age. They requested the society members to keep Malcolm at Karunalaya as they could not manage to keep him anymore.
Terrance Braganza
Terrance is from Goa and is handicapped from birth. He has an elder sister but she is suffering from a heart disease. She was unable to look after herself as well as Terrance. She approached Karunalaya to look after him. Terrance was found to be highly diabetic and his blood sugar levels are being controlled by tablets now.
Mayur Walke
Mayur is from Goa. He is an orphan. He was adopted by a family who later died. Mayur was totally displaced and did not have anywhere to go. Due to the shock of the sudden loss of his family, Mayur developed mental problems. He is now under treatment and is much better in the home.
Bhaskar Jadhav
Bhaskar is a bachelor from Belgaum. He is unmarried and has no children. He used to work for an automobile company. He used to suffer from severe blackouts and was unable to support himself. His neighbours approached us to him into our home.
MAHADEV – Belgaum
Mahadev is from Belgaum and used to work as a security guard. He injured his leg badly and did not have the money to look after the injury. Local residents from Gandhinagar where he used to stay brought him to Karuanalaya. When he came to us, his leg was rotting and the wound needed surgery. A skin graft operation was performed and after constant dressing and medical care, Mahadev is walking on his own now and doing well.
Kalappa Hangekar
Kalappa is from Belgundi and was a caretaker for a farm. When the owner of the farm died and the property was sold. The new owner of the property asked Kalappa to leave the farm. He had no family and no place to go. Residents from Belgundi approached us to take Kalappa into the home.
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay is originally from Rajasthan but his family had settled down in Belgaum. Tragically his parents died and was looked after by his uncles. They, however, cheated him and took away all the property that was in his name. He left his house and used to walk up and down a road near Divine Providence in Tilakwadi. A few rickshaw drivers used to notice him everyday and they stopped our vehicle one day and approached us to take him into Karunalaya.
Vishram Raikar
Vishram is a bachelor. He used to live with his brother. He was mentally ill and as he grew up his condition worsened. He used to urinate all over the house. His brother was poor and could not look after him as he was becoming difficult to manage. He was ill-treated and some friends of Karunalaya approached us to keep Vishram in our home.
Raphael Fernandes
Raphael is an orphan and is from Honnavar. He had injured his hand and lost a few fingers. He is very poor and unable to look after himself especially after his disability as he is unable to utilize his hands fully. Friends of his requested us to keep him in Karunalaya.
Juliet Vieira James Vieira
This brother and sister pair are from Bandra, Mumbai. Both of them have graduated from reputable Colleges in Mumbai. However, after graduation, both of them seemed to have developed mental problems. They lost their father very young. Their mother tried her level best and did everything she could for them by admitting them in various mental homes in Mumbai. She spent all her life savings on them. However, in spite of this, she was devastated to find out that neither of her children were showing signs of improvement. In fact, they were both getting worse and becoming very boisterous at the homes. Having nowhere else to go, she approached the society members and requested them to admit both her children into Karunalaya, as she had no more money left with her to spend on them. After being admitted into our Home, both Juliet and James have been treated by the very gracious Dr. Belinda Viegas-Mueller from Goa. They both suffer from Schizophrenia. Both of them have been showered with a lot of love, care and support by the staff and residents at the Home. They have since shown such tremendous improvement that they are now on reduced medication for their ailments. We are very proud that they are leading absolutely normal lives in Karunalaya.
Zuleika Shaikh
Zuleika is from Camp, Belgaum. After her husband passed away, Zuleika used to wander through the streets of Camp with her two young daughters. Some people who knew her husband, got her two daughters admitted to Divine Providence School & Boarding, Belgaum. Meanwhile, Zuleika used to roam the streets of Camp looking for work and a place to eat and sleep. Until one day, when she got very sick and could no longer work. Her daughters requested the society members to keep her in the Home. She has psychiatric problems for which she is receiving treatment.
Steven Fernandes
Steven is epileptic and gets fits often. He used to take cows to graze in the forest in Goa but got epileptic fits many times in the forest and has fallen down helpless. One torrid Monsoon, due to heavy rains, his small thatched hut they used to stay in was washed away. They had no place to go. The Parish Priest of his village approached us to take him. Steven is now under treatment for epilepsy and his fits are not as often as before.
Chandrakala Kedari
Chandrakala is from the nearby village of Modage. When her daughter got married and left the house, Chandrakala was left alone to fend for herself. She could not stay with her daughter due to traditional Hindu customs. She found work in the fields for income. However, she had to use a stick for support. Her daughter was heart broken to see her mother’s state but unable to do anything due to her husband’s family. She pleaded with the society members to keep her mother in Karunalaya. Even though she is old, she manages herself well and even washes her own clothes. Currently, she is the only resident who does not need any medication.
Fatima Shaikh
Fatima is also from Camp, Belgaum. She is not married and used to live with her mother. When her mother died, Fatima went into such a traumatic depression that she even refused to clean up herself. Her sister-in-law refused to keep her with her. She had reached such a deplorable state that her brother earnestly requested the society members to keep her in Karunalaya. When she was admitted into the Home, Fatima required a lot of cleaning and personal care. The staff took days to get her back into a clean and hygienic condition. Once Fatima was cleaned up well, we noticed she kept mumbling to herself all day long. She was then diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the necessary psychiatric care was arranged. She also suffered from a liver malfunction for which she was treated and is much better now.
Immaculate Bhawatti
Immaculate is not married and was living with her unmarried brother. After her brother passed away, she had no one to look after her. Some people known to her requested the society members to keep Immaculate at Karunalaya as there was no one to look after her. Immaculate was is a pitiable condition. She has a skin disorder and has warts all over her body. She is unable to do anything herself and needs constant help and assistance.
Rafiq Bepari
Rafiq is mentally retarded from birth. His mother used to care for him until she was very old but because of her failing health she was unable to to care for him any longer. Rafiq used to roam aimlessly on the streets till late at night until he was brought to Karunalaya and given a home.
Christine Rapose
Christine had a history of medical illnesses. She suffered with heart problems and high blood pressure for many years until one day she suffered a paralytic stroke and was unable to move or even stand any longer. One of our society members recommended her case to us and we brought her into Karunalaya.
Anthon Xavier Pinto
Anthon used to work at the Belgaum railway station as a porter. One day he suffered from such a severe paralytic stroke that he could not move. He was lying at the railway station for almost a week uncared for. Then some people who knew him contacted us and requested us to keep Anthon in our home. We brought him to Karunalaya and gave him treatment. With constant and continuing physiotheraphy Anthon is much better and recovering slowly.
Prema Telsang
Prema used to work in houses as a domestic maid servant and make her living. However, she was suffering from high blood pressure and she left it untreated for long. As a result, she suffered from a devastating paralytic stroke which left her bed ridden. Her neighbours approached us and asked us to keep her in Karunalaya. Now after almost two years, with many physiotheraphy sessions, she had improved slightly and we are so happy to see her stand and take a few steps.
Nagappa Yargatti
Nagappa was found lying on the road side and was picked up by the Sisters in Bailhongal and brought to Karunalaya. The Sisters requested us to keep Nagappa in our home. He was paralyzed and could not walk. Apparently, a bullock cart went over his leg when he was lying on the roadside and fractured his thigh bone.
VITAL LAD – Belgaum
Vital Lad
Vital’s problems started at a very young age when he suffered a mental breakdown. After his parents passed away, Vital was looked after for many years by his older brother. Now his brother also had become old and could not manage to look after Vital anymore. Hisbrother approached us and asked whether we could keep Vital in our home. We took Vital in to Karunalaya and looking after him.
Asumpta D'costa
Asumpta is a very sweet young mentally retarded girl. She is from Belgundi and is the only child born very late to old parents. Her father is paralyzed and her mother was finding it very difficult to look after Asumpta and her paralyzed husband. She approached Karunalaya to keep Asumpta with us. Asumpta is currently under medication from Dr. Belinda Viegas.
Aarti Satwani
Aarti is only 15 years old. She is a mentally retarded child. After her mother died of cancer, her father was unable to look after Aarti any more as she needed much attention and assistance. Some neighbours of her family requested us to keep Aarti in our home. She is now with us and getting all the help she needs in Karunalaya.
Fatima Pereira Martha Pereira
Fatima used to earn a living by working as a domestic maid servant in several houses in the village. She also has a mentally retarded daughter, Martha. As Fatima, the only bread winner in the family, did not look after her health, she suffered a paralytic attack that left her bed ridden. Some people from the hospital informed us about Fatima and Martha and both were shifted to our home in Goa. Now, both mother and daughter are being well looked after and getting all the help that they need.
Vasudev Korgaonkar
Vasudev is unmarrid who worked in Mumbai as a security guard. He does not have any family left anymore. His legs began giving him a lot of trouble so much so that he had to give up his job. Hence, he could not look after himself anymore. He then came to stay with some relatives of his in Goa. But the relatives, too, could not look after him any more. His relatives requested us to keep in Karunalaya and we brought Vasudev into our home.
Rosario Mascharenhas
Rosario is a bachelor from Raia, Goa. He has high diabetes and was so poor that he had no money to buy medicines to treat his diabetes. He used to live with his brother. His brother has now become old and could not take care of him any longer. A wound he had on his leg was not taken care for such a long time that his foot had to be amputated. He asked us to keep him in Karunalaya.
Carmeline Rosario
Carmeline is unmarried and has no family left. She worked in Mumbai for many years as a domestic maid servant in a family’s house. But now her legs have become weak due to osteoporosis and she is unable to work any longer. The family she used to work for requested us to keep her in Karunalaya as she had no one to look after her.
Marlinz Araujo
Marlinz is a spinster and is mentally ill. She used to manage in her village with the help of neighbours. But recently her mental state deteriorated so badly that she was unable to do things for herself. The neighbours approached us to keep her in Karunalaya.
Madhushri Gaidole
Madhushri is only 18 years old. Her family is so poor that they do not even have electricity in their house. They barely manage to make ends meet. Unfortunately, she suffered a severe mental breakdown just before attempting her Class 10 SSLC exams. Her parents tried in many ways to help her by showing her to a number of Hindu priests and medics, but Madhushri did not improve. Her parents, after hearing about our home, approached Mrs. Anita to see if she can help Madhushri in any way by keeping her in our home.
YELLAMA – Belgaum
Yellama was found under a tree on a cold wintry morning in Ganeshpur. Yellama was spotted when a society member went for a walk in the morning. He found the lady lying under the tree and spoke to her. He found she was mentally ill. He informed the police and brought her to Karunalaya. He is under medication and doing well at the home.