Gajanan Kalagate
Gajanan was found lying on the road side and brought to us by the Canossian Sisters of Divine Providence, Tilakwadi. He was starving and left for dead on the road. He was lying helplessly even as heavy Monsoon showers lashed Belgaum. When he was brought to the home he was weak and severely malnourished. He had since recovered in the home and could walk to his own again before he died.
Lawrence D'souza
Lawrence was from Goa. He was not married and suffered from epilepsy. After his parents died, he was left alone with no one to look after him, and his condition had deteriorated quickly. Some people known to him, approached and requested some society members to take him into Karunalaya. Lawrence was not mentally sound and was unable to remember things. He forgot things very easily. Despite his mental state, he still tried his best to help others in the Home.
Yalsamma Venkamma
Yelsamma Venkamma was found deserted on the road side, and has lost her memory and does not know from where she comes.
Abdul Khadar
Very little is known of Abdul. We heard he was severly burnt. He has no toes and very few fingers. He is a bachelor and no family to look after him. He used to work in a garage and he fell very sick. He could not look after himself. Abdul is now with Karunalaya and his wounds are being treated.
Kalyani Padmavati Kottian
Kalyani is a widow who was brought to us from Sasoon Hospital Pune after she was treated there in the hospital for a fall. Kalyani was totally bedridden and could not walk at all. We had to assist her and do everything for her. After some physiotherapy she is slowly beginning to show signs of improvement and walk again.
Parvati Shetty
Parvati lost her husband and is now a widow. She is also mentally ill. Parvati used to live near a temple outside and beg for food. Some of the people from the village brought Parvati to our home in Goa and she is now well looked after in Karunalaya.
Shanta Pillai
Shanta is from Belgaum and is highly diabetic. She lived alone and could not look after herself. She wounded her toe and she did not look after it. Her toe became rotten and had to be amputated. Her diabetes is under control with twice daily insulin shots.
Radhabai Vernekar
Radhabai is from Belgaum. She is a widow. Her young son met with an accident and the shock was too much for her to bear. She developed a mental condition and was brought to Karunalaya by her daughter as she was very poor and could not keep her mother in her in-laws house.
Hirabai Kalochar
Hirabai was unmarried who worked all her life as a domestic maid servant in people’s houses. When she could not work any longer because of her failing health she was brought to Karunalaya by a social worker. We kept her in our home until she passed away peacefully.
Kalavati Kumbhar
Kalavati is from the nearby village of Hirebagewadi. She used to work in a chipping stone quarry. Due to her hazardous work condition, tiny chips of stone damaged her eyes and as a result she has turned blind. In her village, she used to go house to house begging for food and used to sleep in her neighbor’s courtyard sometimes and mess up the place. With nowhere else to turn, some people from her village requested the society members to take Kalavati into Karunalaya.Kalavati is doing well now but still needs assistance moving about the Home.
Maria Santan Fernandes
She lost everything when her house flooded, and due to her old age she could not set up her hut again. the parish priest from her village asked us to help her at karunalaya.
JOE D’SOUZA – Belgaum
Joe D'souza
Joe was from Camp, Belgaum. He used to sell fish at the Fish Market. He suffered a paralytic attack which left him disabled. His case was brought to a society member known to his family who asked the society member to help him as there was no one to look after him. Joe was admitted into Karunalaya. Inspite of medical treatment and regular massages Joe had not shown any signs of improvement and continued to remain in a wheel chair. He also suffered from epilepsy and was being treated for it. Joe passed away in our home.
Gadagawya Angadi
Gadagawya was from the surrounding village of Sambra. He suffered from Parkinson disease. As he was not married and had no one to look after him, the Village Panchayat (local village governing body) requested the society members to take him into the Home to look after him. Gadagawya passed away in our home.
Mohammad Gous Makandar
Mohammad was from a far away city of Ajmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan. He left home when he was young and came to Belgaum. He lived in the Muslim Mosque in Camp, Belgaum and used to help around by doing work in the Mosque. However, in May 2009, he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed. Since he had no family to look after him, some members from the Mosque approached the society members to take him into Karunalaya. Mohammad passed away in our home.
BHIMAPPA A. – Belgaum
Bhimappa A.
Bhimappa was from the nearby village of Bailhongal. He used to live on the streets and fend for himself. However, he suffered a paralytic stroke and was lying on the road side when some Nuns noticed him. They admitted him to the Civil Hospital. After a week he was released from hospital, he was back on the streets and unable to work. The Nuns requested the society members to take Bhimappa into Karunalaya. Due to his paralysis, Bhimappa too, needed a lot of care and attention. Bhimappa passwed away in our home.
DUSHRAT – Belgaum
Dushrat was from Belgaum. He had a terrible fall one day that fractured his hip bone and was unable to move about anymore. Just as his luck would have it, his wife was a paralytic herself and they used to live in a very small one room house. There was no place for another patient in the home. He developed bed sores lying in the house as his wife was unable to look after him. Some people known to this family approached the society members to take Dushrat into Karunalaya. Sadly Dushrat passed away in our home and was unable to return home.
Gaurabai Tale
Gaurabai was from the nearby town of Angol. She used to work as a peon at the Divine Providence School, Belgaum. She was married but had no children. Her husband was an alcoholic and passed away. Gaurabai then adopted a handicapped child. She looked after him well and even got him married. But when she had no money left, the daughter-in-law took her son to her mother’s house and refused to take Gaurabai along. This seemed to have affected Gaurabai deeply. She was deeply afflicted by hurt and seems to be the reason why she suffered a shock that left her paralyzed. To make matters worse, she developed cataract in one eye and became partially blind as well. She had no money for a cataract operation. Her neighbour, on seeing her pitiable condition, contacted the society members to take her into Karunalaya. Gaurabai passed away peacefully in our home.
Aruna Goankar
Aruna was from Ramthirth, Belgaum. She was not married and used to live with her brother and sister-in-law. Unfortunately, her brother and sister-in-law both fell very ill. Her brother developed heart problems and her sister-in-law was on dialysis due to kidney problems. They both knew that they had little time left to live and wanted to keep Aruna where she would be kept well after they passed away. On purely sympathetic grounds and at the request of one of our own society members, Aruna was admitted into Karunalaya. Tragically, as soon as she was admitted into the Home, her sister-in-law passed away, and a month later, her brother passed away as well. Aruna also later passed away in our home.
Mary Pereira
Mary was unmarried and did a lot of social work in the Belgaum area. She continued to do her social work until she could not do it any longer as she got very sick. She approached us and asked if she could live the remainder of her days in Karunalaya. We looked after her until she passed away in our home.
Mainuddin Bepari
Mainuddin had a lot going against him since he was young. He was handicapped since birth and an orphan. He used to live on the streets and beg for food. Until one day he got very sick and could not look after himself. The police requested us to keep him in Karunalaya. Mainuddin stayed at our home but passed away later.
Eliza Fernandes
Eliza was an orphan who lived all by herself. She was a chronic diabetic and her leg had to be amputated as a result of the disease. However, after the amputation the wound did not heal for a very long time. A nun from Goa brought her to Karunalaya. Eliza was with us for almost two years until she passed away peacefully in Karunalaya.
Devappa Goni
Devappa used to live on his own and beg on the streets of Belgaum. As he grew older, he could not walk as his legs were becoming weak and giving him immense trouble. He was brought to us by the police who requested us to keep Devappa in our home. After about a year or so, Devappa passed away at Karunalaya.
Ramchandra Ramu Goral
Ramchandra was found by our Karunalaya driver lying on the side of a road. He had collapsed and fallen on the road side due to starvation. We then later found out that his only son had died. He had left his home and kept walking for days not knowing where he was going. We took Ramchandra into our home and looked after him until he passed away peacefully in Karunalaya after a few months.
NARAYAN – Belgaum
Narayan was brought to our home by the youth of St. Anythony’s Church. He was found lying outside church compound. When he was found, he was in a terrible state. He had not eaten in days, his clothes were dirty and filthy and had become very weak. We took him into Karunalaya and looked after him. Narayan was found to have high diabetes for which he was treated. He later passed away in our home.
Cissy Braganza
Cissy used to live with her sister and was suffering from acute arthiritis. As years went by, she could not walk any more and was confined to her bed itself. Her sister, unfortunately, got a paralytic stroke and that left both sisters bed ridden. Their neighbours contacted us and asked us to look after them as they were in such a miserable state. Cissy passed away after a few months she was with us and her sister was taken by a relative to be looked after.
Hirabai Kalochar
Hirabai was unmarried who worked all her life as a domestic maid servant in people’s houses. When she could not work any longer because of her failing health she was brought to Karunalaya by a social worker. We kept her in our home until she passed away peacefully.