Karunalaya solely depends on the support and generosity of people like you. Below is a list of our current needs that will help our residents tremendously. Please let us know if you would be able to help or donate to any of our current needs no matter how small the donation may be. We greatly appreciate your help!   Questions?   How to send money?

Sponsor a Resident – You can help us in your own little way by sponsoring the monthly expenses of one or more of our residents. INR 2,000 | USD 30

Sponsor Staff Salary – You can also help us by sponsoring the monthly salary of one or more of our staff members. INR 5,000 | USD 75

Sponsor Electricity Bill – The electricity bill of our home runs into a few thousands rupees every month. We would be very grateful if the monthly electricity bill of our home can be sponsored. INR 7,000 | USD 100

Sponsor Milk Bill – We buy a lot of milk monthly for the residents and staff of the home. We would be very thankful if the monthly milk bill can be sponsored. INR 5,000 | USD 75

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